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Fermento Vivenda

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Due to high demand, we can only deliver again from the first week of June. However, pre-orders are of course possible and will be delivered gradually.

As this is an artisan food product, there are occasional delays in delivery and unlimited quantities are not available.

Fermento Vivenda is an artisan produced non-alcoholic aperitif. It was developed by Michele Martinelli(here is an interview with him in our magazine), one of Italy's most interesting chefs and for many years the chef of his own restaurant Locanda Martinelli near Livorno.

Fermento Vivenda is based on the fermentation of green tea, complemented by the typical wild herbs, berries and wild flowers of Tuscany. In addition to its fine, well-balanced taste, it brings a variety of health benefits thanks to its production method. For example, it acts as a natural probiotic, can strengthen the function of the immune system and at the same time reduce cholesterol and triglycerides. Above all, it is the perfect aperitif or accompaniment to a meal.

Together with a local erborista, Martinelli worked on the recipe for two years until it met his high standards. You can combine Fermento Vivenda in surprisingly universal ways. In addition to its traditional use as an aperitif, at Martinelli's restaurant Fermento Vivenda is served with cheese, pigeon, duck, foie gras and even dessert, for example. Despite its sugar content, Fermento Vivenda does not taste too sweet, but rather spicy and delicately tart. It contains fine bubbly carbonic acid naturally produced by fermentation and only minimal amounts of alcohol. It can be described as alcohol-free.

In the Splendido kitchen Fermento Vivenda is drunk regularly and we are pleased to be able to offer this exceptional product exclusively for sale in Germany.

It is available from us in 0.75 L bottles. Fermento Vivenda should be stored and enjoyed in a cool place and has a shelf life of approx. one year from order.

Larger quantities can be delivered on request.

Shipping only within Germany.

Fermented Tea Drink "Fermento Vivenda", 0,75 Liter
Fermented Tea Drink "Fermento Vivenda", 0,33 Liter

Ingredients: Green tea infusion, yeast and bacterial cultures, wild herbs, sugar.

Average Nutritional values per 100 ml
Energy 29 kcal / 121,3 KJ
Carbohydrates 7 g
thereof sugar 6,9 g
Sodium 0,07 g
Protein 0 g
Fat 0 g


Locanda Martinelli
Piazza Mazzini 11
57016 Nibbiaia (LI)

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